Hey guys!!!! How have you been doing? I’m so sorry it took so long to post this  but I’ve been binge watching New Girl and ANTM for the past week and a half and I kept telling myself…that I NEEDED to write this entry but I kept forgetting about it! Sorry!!! I’ll make it up to you later, I swear! I’ve been wanting to write this for the whole month and now that we’re only 3 DAYS AWAY from finishing another month, there’s no better timing! Was it just me, or did June just literally flew by?? I thought I was just getting out for college vacations and now it seems like I just have a little bit more than a month left! (EEEK!) When do you guys get back to school? I was thinking of writing a back to school special… What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. Without further a due I’ll give you my JUNE FAVORITES <3.

Fashion: This month I’ve been OBSESSED with crop tops! (WHAT?!) And believe me, I’m the girl who doesn’t like to show that belly (if you know what I mean) but I’ve been matching them with high waisted shorts and jeans and I’ve been loving the total outcome! You should definitely try it and tag me on Instagram @itsthatblogger . That said, I’ve also been loving the chokers that have those layered necklaces… Those that aren’t just the choker but have additional layers (If that makes any sense). Ripped jeans have also been on my essentials as well as my Adidas Superstar tennis shoes. I know that these have been “in” for about a year now, but I couldn’t buy them until two weeks ago so I’ve been so into them… Literally, I try to make my outfits match them, and them only. :’D.

TV Shows & Series: So I stopped watching PLL (Pretty Little Liars) right before season 5 started, but two of my best friends started binge watching it so, there I go as well. And guys… I’M SO HOOKED. Seriously, I binged watched it all the way until the 7th season’s first episode. Personally, I really prefer binge watching them, rather than wait for the next episode week after week. Also, I started watching New Girl and I love the fact that the episodes are about 20 minutes long so you can just go through one and then continue with your everyday routine (HA! As if…) Anyways… I’ve been loving it, but I wouldn’t suggest binge watching it because I kind of got bored of the same stuff… Also, I’ve been rewatching ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) Cycle 20. Although the first time, Jourdan was by far my favorite, I think this time Nina and Renee have been killing it and I love their style and how much they improved through the competition. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE  Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles… They’re just BAE!!  So, of course I’m also obsessed with Supernatural. For those who haven’t watched it yet, Sam (Jared P.) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are brothers and they fight demons and spirits and all sorts of “supernatural” stuff… But it isn’t as tacky or fake as it sounds… They really do bring it out and incorporate comedy perfectly into the tv series so… I LOVE IT. I’ve also been thinking about catching on in TWD (The Walking Dead) but I’m not really sure because I was really let down last season and I was kind of getting bored of the same old drama.

Music: this summer I’ve been loving SO MANY new singles… Not necessarily by any well-known celebrity but just those undiscovered talents. These songs definitely bring out the summer vibes and the eagerness to put on your bikini and go to the beach and have fun!! I’ll attach the link to my Spotify playlist, make sure to check that out and comment below which songs do you think I should add in as well. However, I do have a favorite and it’s “Borderline” by Tove Stryke ❤ seriously my fav.


Food & Drinks: I’ve really been trying to stay healthy and fit this summer so I’ve been loving fruits, veggies and all sorts of vegan meals. One of my best friends is vegan and has made it really easy for me to find healthy meals. However… Of course, we have our “itsy-bitsy slips” now and then. But nothing too out of this world. To be more precise… I’ve been loving Mangos so much!!!! I don’t really know if it’s mango season here in Mexico, but they are surely delicious… I’m sure you saw the pic I posted of the mangos… Don’t they look gorgeous??? They are by far my favorite fruit this summer! Also… I’ve been loving Matcha powder so much, you can’t even imagine. I think I have about 4-5 cups of matcha tea every day… It’s getting out of hand :d. I usually pair it up with Yogurt, Mango (of course) and lactose-free milk… It’s AMAZING!! I think I’ll post a detailed recipe later ;). Another thing I’ve been loving this summer is Clericot and it’s so summery and delicious!! I also got a recipe that makes it a bit sweeter and I really don’t like the taste of wine so this makes it so much better. Let me know if you want to know that recipe as well… Also, my Starbucks favorite for this summer has been, without a doubt the Berry Yogurt Frappe! ❤ I’m in love!!!!! It’s seriously really good, plus it’s so cool for Instagram pics cause it has this sort of marble effect on it! It’s gorgeous and yummy!

Skin Care: I don’t know if some of you guys know but I have a REALLY oily skin and I hate having to go through lots and lots of products to get it right and flawless. However, this month I’ve been using only two products and they’ve been making the miracle so far. One of them is Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub which has been in the market for a long time, as far as I know. It does leave your skin a bit dry, so you can also get the oil-free moisture cream which does the work perfectly of hydrating your skin without making it too oily. So I use the two of these the first thing in the morning before getting my workout of the day done. Once I get my workout done and I’m ready to take a shower, I use Oil-Free Acne Wash which is the #1 dermatologist recommended and I don’t wear any moisturizer with this (you’ll see why later). That’s pretty much all of it for the washing part of my skin care. But I do have one more product I want to share with you. I saw this Pil’aten mask on Pinterest about a month or two ago but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try it. It claimed to take off all of your blackheads, but seriously I’ve tried so many of these products and none of them had worked so I was a bit hesitant. But guys… IT DID WORK!!!! I’m seriously so happy about this! I bought it from Amazon, it’s a Japanese beauty product and it for sure did the trick for me… If you do try it out, just make sure you steam your pores before applying it, because that really does affect and portray in the results.


  • Foundation: This month I’ve been using Neutrogena’s healthy skin glow sheers in the shade ivory to fair 10. It is basically a tinted moisturizer (which is why I don’t use a moisturizer after I wash my face for the second time in a day) with sunscreen, but it has been doing the trick as a foundation for me this summer so it obviously enters into my summer essentials this year.
  • Setting Powder: Hand by hand I’ve used the Neutrogena shine control powder (Invisible 10) as my setting powder as well. It’ s really great because it really removes the whole shine without leaving you completely matte but with a natural glow, if that makes any sense.
  • Blush: As a blush, I’ve been using Revlon’s Classy Coral /Corail Chic in 010. Which is this gorgeous salmon / coral color that really brings out my cheekbones and looks perfect for the summer, since it isn’t too shiny neither too matte.
  • Bronzer:  I’ve been loving e.l.f.’s Contouring blush and Bronzing Powder for both my nose and my cheekbones. The color seems to match my skin color perfectly and portrays the shadow of both my nose and cheekbones perfectly! However, I’m really not that into the blush’s color… Also, I just order the Anastasia Cream Contouring Kit so, get ready to get some reviews in those as well.
  • Highlighter: Also by e.l.f. I’ve been using Golden Bronzer ( I know what you’re thinking, but believe me I don’t use the darkest tone!) The “bronzer” is divided into several colors and they’re all really glittery, but since my skin tone is really light, I use the lightest tone and it does work its magic.
  • Mascara: This whole summer, and actually, for about three months I’ve been loving “Better than sex” by Two Faced. Which really do volumizes and thickens my eyelashes perfectly, so I’m OBSESSED!
  • Eyeliner: I’ve been using e.l.f.’s liquid eyeliner in Black. But I am intending on getting a waterproof eyeliner. If you have a particular favorite, make sure to comment it down below.
  • Eyebrow filler: I ran out of my favorite eyebrow filler ( Anastasia’s Eye Brow Kit, Brunette) so I’ve been using Mac’s eye shadow on the color “Espresso” which is completely gorgeous and perfectly suits my hair color.  However, I have just reordered the Anastasia Eye Brow Kit, so I’m really eager to get it back.
  • Lipstick & Gloss: I’m currently binging on Chanel’s “87 – Rendez-Vous”. NO! IT ISN’T MATTE. But I think we’ve had enough with the matte so far. I really like the look of matte lipsticks, but I’d rather use if for fall and winter looks rather than summer, when I like my skin and lips to have a natural glow. So Chanel has done the trick! The shade is between nude and light pink with glittery hints so it looks perfect for that glow. Alongside is MAC’s Amplified “Impassioned” which is also a perfect summer shade and isn’t matte either. It’s this perfect combination between flamingo pink and grapefruit color, it’s gorgeous! Finally, Too Faced’s “Believe” is also gorgeous since it isn’t as scandalous but still screams summer. *UPDATE* apparently, Too Faced has stopped producing “Believe” 😦 However, “Marshmallow Bunny” seems VERY similar to the shade “Believe” so, give it a try and let me know how it works out.

Apps: I know it sounds ridiculous but I did buy an app for my everyday routine, it’s called “Morning” and it really does get you through your morning. It tells you the date, time, weather and the reminders and events you have planned for the day. Of course, if you don’t usually use your phone or iPad as an agenda, I wouldn’t recommend you purchasing it since that’s its greatest feature. However, it also has a countdown for big events and a series of news that have been the main titles for the current day. For my period, I’ve been using “Clue” which is amazing!!! Starting by the fact that it has a password so if someone is sneaking around your phone, they don’t really get access to that particular app. The app also tracks emotions, sexual activity, temperature, fluids, contraceptives, bleeding, pain, sleep, and amount of energy. So it gives you this perfect analysis!

Fitness & Work-Outs: As most of you saw in my Instagram upload, I’ve been work-out with Cassey Ho through her Blogilates Chanel for a long time now. I think I started in December and I’ve been hooked ever since. I follow the calendar, and she usually gives you about 4 to 5 workouts for the day and spices it up by giving you a rest day (Almost always on Fridays) which is just perfect! However, I’ve been wanting to try Kayla Itsines’ BBG program… So if you’ve tried it make sure to comment how that worked out for you and if you recommend it or not.

So that’s pretty much everything I’ve been obsessed with and what I’ve been loving this month. Make sure to follow my Instagram account @itsthatblogger. Let me know what are some of your June Favorites and whether if you think I should try something out! Remember to stay tuned for reviews on other beauty products and lifestyle tricks and hacks! (HINT on the what the next blog entry will be :o) Anyways, have an amazing week and remember to stay you!

Hugs n’ Kisses



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